Sun Going Down

There’s both a beauty and a sadness watching the sun going down. The last brilliant rays of light —hope— before descending into darkness. An appreciation for the day and all its splendor. And yet— the ying and the yang— without darkness, there would not be light. For that small lingering of regret toward the day being soon over, there’s the promise of a new beginning, a bright tomorrow. The bittersweet recognition that comes with time.



Beyond the technical aspects of photography, the subject, the composition, the expression of light: it’s the emotion that’s conveyed in an image which matters most. Emotion is life. It’s feeling, expression. It’s the soul, for me, the whole enchilada in this image and in others.

Fred Gerendasy Photography

Archival-Quality Prints: A Century of Timeless Memories

These prints are not just images, they can become old friends. Crafted to meet stringent archival standards, the papers and inks we use are designed to last over a century with the right care. Here’s what it means for you:

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  • Care Instructions: To maintain image quality:
    ◦ Store unframed prints in an archival-quality container.
    ◦ For framed displays, use archival matting and adhesive, coupled with UV-filtering glass to safeguard against sunlight and environmental damage.
    • Environment Matters: Place your artwork away from direct sunlight and high humidity to maintain its pristine condition.