About Us

I handcraft ceramic sculptures & products for sale. Fred captures stunning landscape photos, available as archival prints in our shop. We’re artists showcasing our work.

Rebecca Gerendasy, I'm a ceramic artist and painter.


I’m a ceramic artist and painter. I have been creating art in one form or another my entire life. In childhood I preferred painting and drawing to playing tag outside on a sunny day. I majored in art with a focus on clay—hand-building, not throwing on a wheel. Through life’s twists and turns, I became a television news cameraman for much of my professional career.

Working with clay is still my passion and for the past several years my full-time endeavor. I hand-build sculpture pieces and functional ware items (no wheel) from designs I create from scratch. First, an idea may pop up in my head and I sketch it out on paper. The entire process is a large puzzle that I’m always noodling on to create my products. I love color and abstract designs that bend toward whimsy and sometimes my color drawings also lend themselves to be made into prints.

Fred Gerendasy, I'm a landscape photographer.
Fred taking picture in the Painted Hills of Oregon


I have a love for photography dating back to the mid-70’s when I used to work primarily with black and white images in the darkroom. In the analog world, I felt black and white offered greater control and greater latitude for printing than did color. The digital world gradually changed all that. I discovered early on my preference for landscape photography and abstract images. That’s what I photograph now, in color primarily, but without the darkroom, chemicals and bulky equipment of the now distant past. Today, I rely upon my cell phone camera along with software editing tools and a color printer to turn a picture into closer to what I imagine in my mind I would like the picture to become.