Predawn Departure On The Oregon Coast Shoreline

I was setting my camera up for a shot from across the street in a motel before the sun arose. I saw some trailing light against the Oregon Coast shoreline coming from a flashlight or more powerful search light. Then the person got into his car and began slowly driving toward the exit directly in front of where I was perched from above. I was intrigued with the car headlights and the dark cavernous blue of the ocean with the big rock in the distance in his predawn departure. I got lucky with this shot though it took a fair amount of work to get the final edit.  Full disclosure: it’s somewhat of a composite picture in that I took 2 different shots taken within seconds of each other from slightly different angles and with different exposures. I rarely make composite images but I liked the exercise and the final outcome was satisfying.

Fred Gerendasy Photography

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