Flower Box Print

From my living room is a large picture window facing outside into part of my backyard. I have a flower box outside and every year I plant new flowers in it. This past spring I planted tall Zinias and they filled the length of my box with beautiful flowers. Inspired by these flowers, I created  a mono-print design to apply (as a transfer) to a slab of rolled out terracotta clay. Out of each slab, I made a ceramic bowl and a platter using the same flower box design. Why stop there?

This is a print from the original mono-print design after it had been applied to the fresh (not yet fired) clay slab. What’s also nice is because I fire my clay pieces at relatively low temperatures in the kiln, the vibrant colors are preserved in the finished clay pieces. If you like this design, now you can mount this print on your wall and bring these flowers into your home year-round.


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