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On the Streets of Portland – Random Images and Reflections

I’m drawn to the old and the urban decay. Even for ruined buildings and old time-worn walls and signs that dot the urban landscape. I guess, for better or for worse in America today, there’s plenty of that.

The new largely is unappealing to my eye. Is it because “new”, I simply find boring? I remember an occasion a number of years ago in San Francisco, I was walking with my Dad in a particular neighborhood that was lined with old Victorian houses. I told him, I’m drawn to these old buildings, they have character, craftsmanship, they are interesting. He said he liked new better. As my Mom would say of those with a difference of opinion, “that’s what makes horse races”.

These are a few shots of Alberta Street in Portland, a popular neighborhood with restaurants, shops and bars. It’s an eclectic area of town and perhaps, this is an equally eclectic view.

Eye Panic - Alberta Street - Portland
Eye Panic
Wall Mountain - Alberta Street, Portland
Wall Mountain
A Place At The Table -Alberta Street, Portland
A Place at the Table
Fight Like Hell For The Living- Alberta Street, Portland
Mourn For The Dead, Fight Like Hell For The Living
White Rabbit - Alberta Street, Portland
White Rabbit
Evergreen - Alberta Street, Portland
In the Shop Window - Me - Alberta Street, Portland
In The Shop Window — Me
Defend The Rights! - Alberta Street, Portland
Defend The Rights!