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A Look Inside Windows – Photographs

I take lots of pictures. Having the convenience and versatility of a cell phone for me is a game changer. I always felt a little self-conscious carrying a camera strapped to my neck. For much of my life, my camera was a secondary accessory brought out for a particular purpose. I used to shoot primarily with a 35mm Leica and had a couple of lenses for it. A few years back, I sold it along with my other analog equipment and can honestly say, I do not miss them. They were great for me in their time and I can only imagine if 50 years ago the digital technology had existed. Whew!

I look constantly around at my surroundings when I’m out and about. Even when I’m a passenger in a car, I take pictures out my window. And yes, on occasion, I have been shouted at to close the window from fellow occupants! I’m working on an upcoming series of photos taken from the car.

For now, here’s some recent images that I have been working on and that will be added within the day (or so) to the store. These are a collection of images looking into windows, the world that goes on behind the soul of a building.

Hanging Out- photography of an upside down mannikin in the window
Hanging Man – Mississippi Street, Portand

This was taken at night walking with my son along Mississippi Street in Portland. I happened to look up and instantly saw the man hanging from the window. That’s what it looked like before the next instant when my brain took charge and it became clear it was a partial manikin in a window. Well, it’s Portland! On the technical side, I did have to do a fair amount of editing. For starters, yes, I love my cell phone but there are clear trade-offs. A big one, the optical telephoto is limited. So, for this shot, I had to crop out the bottom third of the image which was only a distraction from the central purpose: the hanging man. I also had to do some embellishing of the existing light, increasing the window light, shifting the light more to the orange hue, and some sharpening and noise reduction mainly on the wood frame of the building to give a sense of the light trailing off from the window. In the store, I include the unedited shot for comparison.

View Inside - Photograph of two diners through a restaurant window
View Inside – Love Birds Dining

Along a central walkway in Ashland, there’s a view inside a window where patrons dine. Again it was night time and I was immediately drawn to both the color and texture of the wall and the window looking in. The two diners looked like they easily could be love birds, but there’s no way to really tell, it’s left only to one’s imagination. But, in the editing process something odd happened. I had a fairly linear composition that I shot, the window roughly occupying the middle third of the image lined up straight. When I was attempting to use the crop tool just to remove a small bottom portion that contained distracting shadow lines, I accidentally selected the perspective tool which turned the window wonky and at first I attempted a simple undo but the software refused to oblige. In the end, I stopped and then realized, this is much better than what I intended to do. So there, a lucky accident. The store shows the original version with the unaltered tv screen in the window that became the final edited print.

Windows In Deep Colors - Photograph of building wall and colorful window lights against dark blue skies
Windows In Deep Colors – Astoria, Oregon

This is in Astoria, my favorite small city on the planet. The colors are what first grabbed me. In the windows, the dark sky, the light and dark shades of green. The green hue itself. I had to lighten the sky a bit for better contrast with the building and windows. Really, very little editing for this image.

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