March 8, 2023 Edition
Rebecca Gerendasy Clay - Art
I'm happy that Spring is just around the corner, for you folks in colder climates, I imagine you are even more ready!

Spring Show: April 7-8

Hortlandia 2023
If you are a plant lover or gardener, you may not want to miss Hortlandia, an annual event put on by the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon and takes place in Hillsboro, Oregon, April 7th and 8th. In addition to offerings of unique and favorite plants, there will be a variety of artists too - like me! I will have a variety of planters, vases, herb strippers, garlic keepers, and much more. I love gardening myself, so I’m really looking forward to this event too. Be sure to come by and say hello! Friday night is a fundraiser for the organization, and tickets are on sale now - check Hortlandia for details.

What’s New:

Rebecca Gerendasy Clay - Art - New Homepage
We recently switched the website to Wordpress in order to speed up the site (especially on mobile devices) and also for aesthetic reasons. Above is the new home page.
As you likely know, much of our current store pertains to my ceramic work but gradually I’m also making art prints from original paintings. Over time, we hope to expand our print offering both as my Art Prints and Photographic Prints.

Mosaic Chicken Print

Mosaic Chicken - Art Print - Rebecca Gerendasy Clay - Art

Red Barn In the Skagit Valley

Speaking of photographs, my husband, Fred, is now offering his photographic prints for sale. He makes beautiful landscape and abstract images from his iPhone and makes prints on his inkjet printer. Those too have recently appeared in the store, so check them out!

In the Works:

As mentioned, I’ll be at Hortlandia, and with me will be a lot of new work! It is still in process, so no photos of finished pieces yet but I’ve added two new types of wares to my repertoire: 6” planters and herb strippers. In addition there will be a new flock of chickens, more garlic keepers, and lots of new pins for gardeners and flower lovers alike.
Rebecca Gerendasy Clay - Art Ceramic Chickens - New Batch
Rebecca Gerendasy Clay - Art - New Ceramic Pins

Art-Related Book Recommendation:

Twyla Tharp - The Creative Habit Book
If you’ve ever tried to get into a creative habit, you’ll know it can be hard to maintain. Someone recommended a book written by Twyla Tharp to me a few years ago, and I thought, Twyla Tharp? But she’s a dancer. Silly me. Once I picked it up, I found it hard to put down. It is now filled with yellow highlight marker and notes and stars in the margins. It is definitely a book for the creative part of yourself - and we are all creative beings in one way or another. The Creative Habit: Learn It And Use It For Life
While we will never be a large store with many products, I hope you find that everything we sell here comes from a dedication to craft and of an individual spirit that celebrates art and creativity, first, foremost and always!

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