Ceramic Coneflower

Celebrate the elegance of our Ceramic Coneflower, designed to mimic the striking posture of echinacea as it reaches skyward. This handcrafted ceramic piece adds a touch of natural beauty to any space, perfect for decorating countertops, bookcases, and workspaces with its year-round charm.


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Skyward Beauty

Our Ceramic Coneflower, artistically representing the echinacea, is crafted to capture the flower’s natural inclination to stretch towards the sky. Its detailed petals and vibrant underglazes bring this ceramic sculpture to life, making it a stunning addition to any interior.

Expert Craftsmanship

Hand-built from low-fire red clay, each coneflower is carefully etched and adorned with colorful underglazes to highlight its intricate details. The flowers are created in small batches, ensuring that each piece remains unique, with its own character and charm.

Decorative Versatility

This sculpture is not just an artistic creation but a versatile decorative item designed to enhance any part of your home or office. The Ceramic Coneflower’s year-round appeal and detailed craftsmanship make it an ideal choice for brightening up various spaces, from kitchen counters to office desks.

Artistic Highlight

Each piece serves as a testament to the skill and dedication of the artist, bringing a piece of handcrafted art into everyday living spaces. The unique nature of each sculpture ensures that it remains not just a decor item but a conversation starter and a focal point wherever it is placed.