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Wild Horses Almost Alive In Pictures

Wild Horses Show Their Metal - Near Sisters, Oregon
Wild Horses Show Their Metal – Near Sisters, Oregon

Whenever I drive down toward Bend, Oregon through the small town of Sisters, on a narrow stretch of highway, these metal horse sculptures so beautifully dot the surrounding landscape, I want to stop and take a picture. I never do stop, but this time as a passenger, I shot this image through my open window, these horses seem so wild and alive!

Look On The Roof- It's A Horse
Look On The Roof- It’s A Horse!

The city of Portland is on the edge of their collective seat, worried beyond measure their beloved little town has lost its adorable “weird” status. Well, to that I say (humbly), not to worry, this city is wonderfully weird to its core: just ask the horse on the roof that watches over the downtown area.

Wild Horse -Mural
Wild Horse -Mural

City driving has its special challenges even in small town Portland. The horse on the wall looks like it’s about to dart into moving traffic and if it did would anyone even notice?

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