The Show Is Over Or After The Movie Ends

When the show is over, after the movie ends, we leave the movie house walking past the freshly deserted seats. I love movies and I adore old movie houses but there are so few of them left. In their place, the new cineplexes often have more comfortable seating and may have better viewing perspectives on the movie itself but (in my opinion) they are largely bereft of architectural style, panache!  After watching one of the best films of the year, Oppenheimer,  again, just my opinion,  I could not resist taking this picture after all the credits rolled by, capturing that final flicker of light from the screen as it dispersed across the nearby sphere of empty seats. Within that narrow realm of being completely over and soon the lights coming up, there is a simple beauty in the tiny rays of screen light that descends on these chairs.

Fred Gerendasy Photography

About My Prints:  I use only Canon Lucia inks for printing which are archival.  In addition to the printing papers, any future matting and framing materials used, if archival too (with reasonable care), will last 100 years or more. The papers I use almost exclusively are Canson Fine Art Papers and also do not contain brightening agents that decay over time.  For this image, the paper I used is the Canson Baryta Prestige 11, an absolutely beautiful, wide tonal range paper.