Ceramic River Mud 6-Inch Textured Planter w/Tray

Made from a mid-range clay body, this 6” diameter ceramic river mud planter is perfect for any kind of houseplant. It has a drain hole and a drip tray which hides from view. Dark brown earthy tones envelope the outside surface of the planter. Hand-crafted from a slab of mid-range clay, a variety of marks and textured were made by pressing in uniquely designed stamps into the soft clay body. A foot was added to the bottom which raises it from the table top and a drip tray cozily fits within the raised foot.

Hand built from a mid-range buff colored clay, stamped, glazed, and fired twice.  All my ceramic products are handmade in small batches, often sold as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Height:  7-1/2″
Diameter:  6″x6-3/4″
Weight: 3 lb.


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