Floral Jungle Ceramic Bowl

There’s a floral jungle growing on this ceramic bowl: four o’clocks; morning glories; fuchsias and lily of the valley. You can find more on the flip side of the bowl.

Each flower and line was etched into the white slip, fired, then decorated with underglaze washes before being glazed and fired again. Meant to be a decorative bowl to sit on a counter, table or hung, it’s intended to brighten your day if you like colorful flowers!

Hand built from a low-fire terracotta clay, dipped in white slip, etched, decorated, and glazed. All my ceramic products are handmade in small batches, often sold as one-of-a-kind piece.

Dimensions: (LWH)

• 6.25” x 6.5” x 2.25”

• Weight: 13 ounces



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