Reckoning – Sculpture

Reckoning Ceramic Sculpture-Front-Back
Reckoning Sculpture-Front-Back
Reckoning Ceramic Sculpture - Side View
Reckoning Sculpture – Side View
Reckoning Ceramic Sculpture - Front View
Reckoning Sculpture – Front
Reckoning Ceramic Sculpture - Back Side
Reckoning Sculpture – Back Side

After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, I concluded a double mastectomy was my best course of action. Coming to terms of letting go of something (my breasts) that were such a deep part of me, my self, my sexuality, was to be quite a personal reckoning.

The language of flowers (Floriography) helped me tell my journey of having faced loss and feelings of deep sorrow, yet somehow holding onto courage and strength to get through. Each flower on the figure represents a part of this narrative (see each floral meaning below). The figure is made of terracotta clay, decorated with underglazes and washes using techniques that include mono-printing and sgraffito, and fired three different times to create a surface that reflects what has been lived.

Language Of Flowers – Meanings:

● Poppy: eternal sleep
-paired with snowdrop: loss of a loved one
● Rose, dark crimson: mourning
● Rose with thorns: overcoming difficulty
● Daffodil: unrequited love
● Iris, yellow: passion
● Nasturtium: Conquest
● Forget Me Nots: not forgotten
● Morning Glory: affection
● Thyme: courage
● Chamomile: energy in adversity
● Protea: transformation
● Celandine: joys to come
● Snowdrop: hope
● Pussy willow: a new beginning

Dimensions: 5.5”H x 4”W x 6”D