Ceramic Garlic Keeper Jar

I love cooking with garlic and I have a great natural supply of it in my garden. It’s incredibly easy to grow in many regions of the country. This vessel will hold many bulbs of garlic and keep them fresh for you culinary needs. Ideal storage conditions are a place out of the light, but airy enough to keep them from molding. This hand-crafted vessel can easily sit on a counter or in a pantry so that you can easily access them. The hand drawn garlic is on the front of the container and the holes face the back – thus keeping light out and giving them a chance to breathe. After rolling out a slab of clay I formed the vessel shape, added a bulb at the top to act as a knob, feet on the bottom to give it lift, and pierced 9 holes for air flow. This one is definitely for the garlic lovers!

Hand built from a low-fire red terracotta clay, etched, pierced, glazed, and fired twice.  All my ceramic products are handmade in small batches, often sold as one-of-a-kind pieces.

Weight: 1 lb. -12 oz.


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