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Dan Suomi Platter- Review.jpg
While admiring the various shapes and colors of Rebecca’s handbuilt pottery, one geometrically designed platter really caught my eye. When she explained how clay is fashioned into a finished piece, it became apparent how much artistic creativity and effort was required for each one. This platter now occupies a prominent place in our home.
— Dan S.
Guilt-free Midnight Snack Bowl-8- 11459.jpg
I’ve followed Rebecca on Instagram for a long time, and I knew I wanted to purchase one of her pieces. While it was hard to choose, I chose a beautiful handcrafted bowl that I will cherish for years! Besides the vibrant colors, I think what I love the most is that the piece is handmade by Rebecca - a true artist. I love that the bowl is not a perfect cookie-cutter, machine manufactured piece, yet it is a perfectly imperfect piece of pottery. I will definitely keep my eye on other pieces Rebecca posts in her online store.
— Michelle L.