Small Ceramic Whiskey Cups and Tray Set - Grain Designs - 5.6" x 6" x 2"

Small Ceramic Whiskey Cups and Tray Set - Grain Designs - 5.6" x 6" x 2"


Bring out the whiskey tray, the party has begun! This unique ceramic tray and set of 4 sipping cups tells a story. It starts with the grains. The individual cups represent the possible grains used - wheat, barley, or rye. Each cup tells a bit of the story about the origins of whiskey. On the tray floor itself, you will see the ‘dropped’ individual grains; on the sides, the stalks of the grain heads waving in the fields. The set consists of 4 whiskey cups (each is individually made and no two are exactly alike) and 1 serving tray. Each piece is handmade of red clay. The process of creation includes pinching, rolling, carving, etching, stamping, dipping, and glazing.

All my ceramic products are made in small batches, often sold as one-of-a-kind products. The glazes are lead-free and food safe. Though dishwasher safe, for greater longevity (hopefully, to pass down to future generations), I recommended that you wash by hand after each use.

Dimensions (LWH):

  • The cups measure approximately 2” x 2x 2.75” and hold 2 ounces of liquid

  • The tray measures about 5.5” x 6”(handle to handle edge) x 2”

  • The complete set weighs just under 3.25 LBS.

  • Each cup weighs about 5.5 OZ.

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