Little Beer Jug Illustration Print

Little Beer Jug Illustration Print


While at a recent Fisher Poets reading in Astoria, Oregon, I was taken by the rows of half gallon bottles all lined up in front of me, waiting their turn to be filled and taken home.

Original full-color watercolor illustration printed on acid-free, art paper and designed to last for many years with proper care*. Available as a stand-alone print shipped in an oversized protective clear sleeve.

Unframed Print Includes:

  • 11 “ x 8.5” art print (image size: 5.75” x 8”)

  • Oversize Clear Sleeve

Along with the art paper and window mat being acid-free, this print will last for many years without fading or image degradation.

*Proper care means no long-term exposure to direct sunlight or storage in high humidity environments.

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