Hieroglyphic Whiskey Cups - Dusty White

Hieroglyphic Whiskey Cups - Dusty White


Whiskey cups have evolved since the 16th century when they were made of wood and called a quiach - which was derived from the Gaelic word ‘cuach’, meaning cup. This whiskey cup is made from red clay slabs, pressed with a hand-carved rolling stamp, and glazed twice. Each cup is handmade and no two cups are exactly alike. Sold in sets of two. The glazes are lead-free and food safe. Though dishwasher safe, I recommended that you wash the piece by hand after use.

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Approximate Dimensions: LWH

  • Each cups holds about 4 ounces

  • Diameter: 2.25”; Height: 3”

Ships in 1-2 business days.