Painted Patterns

This is the third January in a row I have participated in Creativebug’s 31 Day Challenge with artist Lisa Congdon. This year the theme is Painted Patterns. 

I’ve been making patterns for a couple of years now, many of them hand painted but there were several factors that intrigued me. Everyday was a predetermined new subject matter. I would be working with gouache paints, a new medium for me and watching a daily video with instruction from an artist I admire.  I especially enjoy these types of exercises because I also gather ongoing inspiration from other artists posting their work on Instagram collated from the hashtag #cbpatternaday.


The first week focused on traditional patterns, those patterns that are commonly seen in clothing, tableware, and many everyday objects such as paisley, gingham, and chevron. Here is a sample of an argyle and scallop pattern:


Week two focused on botanicals. Two of my favorites were ‘Bold Florals’ and a leafy one inspired by Matisse:


Next came shapes. Some of it sounded easy - Rainbows, Clouds, and Cityscapes - but color palette and brush control were put to task!


Currently we are exploring food and I have to say it’s been my favorite subject so far! Here are two examples:



The month long challenge is coming to a close with just a few days left. I have come to appreciate gouache and its opaqueness, painting a layer of color on top of another without losing the boldness of the color. And I’ve really enjoyed taking an object or subject matter and repeating it in different ways to make a pattern that doesn’t necessarily have to be a repeat pattern for fabric. It can be used for paper products or surface design - lots of possibilities!

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