Starting Again: An Introduction

Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The months that followed were a whirlwind of phone calls, doctors, and decisions. Fortunately it was really small and caught early. I opted for a bilateral mastectomy so no radiation was necessary. Now it’s full steam ahead with life, just flat-chested. I have to admit, I don’t miss a bra at all.

Suffice it to say it was a life changing event. Going through something like that made me take an overview of my life. Was I satisfied? Did I have regrets? I felt immense gratitude overall. The only thing missing that leapt to mind was my artwork, which I did all my life but put aside when I began my family. Between full-time work and raising 3 boys, something had to give. I told myself you’ll have time for it later. But something always came between me carving out time to create (other than the videos as a video journalist and later for Cooking Up a Story). After the surgery I told myself later is now. So I began. Again. 

At first slowly. I was rusty. I knew the creative magic was in there, but I was wary. Where do I start? What medium? How do I fill a whole page? 

A Facebook friend, Christina Tolomei, was sharing beautiful bold portraits. I loved the color! That woke a place within me that had been dormant for a long time - my love of playing with color. So I bought a set of brush markers and began playing.


And magic began. 


I started an Instagram account and discovered a community of many talented and supportive artists. It is where I upload many of my daily sketches and paintings. I’d love for you to see my work there too. 


I’m working on my art everyday now. It has almost been an effortless transition to bring it back into my life. It’s like I opened a door and it just flowed in.


My whimsical style, as it was with my clay work years ago, continues with my two dimensional work.


I love design and shapes of vintage things - cookware, appliances, and even phones.


And I’m influenced by nature also.


I’ll be posting and sharing the results of my art journey via this blog. In addition to the variety of work already shared here, much of the subject matter will reflect simple living, a reflection of the world around us, interspersed with beauty, light, and mindfulness.


Creating my artwork brings me great joy, and hopefully touches you also.